At the center of my practice is the belief that everyone has the intrinsic capacity to move toward health and fulfillment. If we find ourselves stuck in patterns that run contrary to our deeper desires and aspirations, it's not because we want to be miserable or are in someway a "Bad" person. We simply lack the emotional support to find our way out. Counseling provides a way out.

Marriage Counselor Buffalo New York

I consider therapy as "sacred dialogue" and feel privileged in the opportunity to deeply explore the issues faced by each unique Individual, Couple or Family. I know that a safe, non-judgmental, trusting, honest, and supportive atmosphere is curcial to achieving this in-depth exploration. I am open to sharing my own life process when relevant, since I do not preceive myself as fundamentally different from those I counsel. However I do acknowledge my considerable background and practical skills as human problem-solver and caregiver of my clients healing and personal growth.